Saturday, April 5, 2008

the day trip

Thursday night I decided that we'd go up to the state house with Chris. He's been wanting Alexa to be a page. I've been wanting to give the representatives and senators a chance to see the twins...especially after the wonderful gifts they gave us last spring.

Chris was in charge of Alexa...for the most part. She had issues with sitting still. According to Chris she burst into tears while some group played the Star Spangled Banner with the violin. His seat mate Dave commented that while they were a bit out of tune it wasn't that bad!

I started off behind the glass in the chamber. I didn't last long. It's a lot of work trying to hold 2 squirmy babies in your lap and keep them quiet. They like to get chatty when it's supposed to be quiet. I gave up and headed back to the stroller.

I knew there was a retiring room nearby and took them in there. A quick scan showed that while there were some potential hazards (lots of magazines...good for ripping and eating) there was nothing on the floor to eat. So I set them free.

The first thing to happen - Liz pulled herself to a standing position for the first time. Shortly after she fell over. I'm not really sure how it happened as I had my eye on Jacob. But I quickly picked her up and calmed her down. Then I had to quickly set her down and grab Jake. He'd discovered the phone cords and the phone book underneath a different table. By this time I was no longer alone in the room and admitted defeat. I put Jake back into the stroller and went to rescue Liz. She was stuck under the coffee table as she tried to crawl to me and Jake...but I move too quickly for her. I coaxed her out and we went to find someplace to nurse.

They are very used to being able to eat at the same time. And this just doesn't happen when we are out in public. Not enough need at least a love seat to nurse 2 at a time...or a comfy floor spot. It was a short session but at least they were happy. We parked in the great hallway b/w the house and senate chambers and I set them free. Chris's comment when he found us was "you look like you are homeless". Apparently it's not "cool" to sit on the floor at the state house. But it was the only safe place...nothing to eat, nothing to pull up on, nothing to pull down.

Shortly after I gave up and loaded everyone to head home. Chris was going to be getting a ride and it was starting to rain. I've never been so glad to get home. I was so exhausted!

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Jacob's milestones

  • weight/length @ 7: 55.6lbs, 48.75"
  • weight/length @ 5: 42lbs, 43.5"
  • weight/length @ 4: 36 lbs, 39+"
  • weight/length@ 3: 32lbs, 36.5 inches
  • weight/length @ 2 years: 26lbs, 33.5 inches
  • weight/length @ 1 year: 18lbs, 29 inches
  • walking: 11/17/08
  • standing: 3/31/08
  • crawling: army, 2/5/08
  • first time rolling: 9/30/07, belly to back
  • first smile: 9/7/07
  • birth date/time: 7/8/07, 12:49am
  • birth length: 19.5 inches
  • birth weight: 6lbs, 1oz

Elizabeth's milestones

  • weight/length @7: 53lbs, 47.75"
  • weight/length @ 5: 40 lbs, 42.25"
  • weight/length @ 4: 34lbs, 38"
  • weight/length 3 years: 28lbs, 35.5 inches
  • weight/length 2 years: 24lbs, 6oz 33 inches
  • weight/length 1 year: 18lbs, 1oz 27.5 inches
  • walking: 9/1/08
  • standing: 4/4/08
  • crawling: army 3/16/08
  • sitting alone: 2/29/08
  • first time rolling: 11/23/07, back to belly
  • first smile: 9/7/07
  • birth date/time: 7/8/07, 12:50am
  • birth length: 18.75 inches
  • birth weight: 5lbs, 8oz

Alexa's milestones

  • weight/height @ 10 (really 10.8): 186, 5'3"
  • weight/height @ 8.4 years: 113 lbs, 55.5 inches
  • weight/height @ 5 years: 61lbs, 4oz 45.25 inches
  • weight/length @ 4 years: 49lbs, 42 inches
  • weight/length @ 3 years: 38lbs, 38 inches
  • weight/length @ 2 years: 32lbs, 8oz 35.75 inches
  • weight/length @ 1 year: 22lbs, 3 oz 29.5 inches
  • 1st day of preschool: 9/3/08
  • solo somersault: 3/4/08
  • whistling: 3/2/08
  • potty training: 10/7/05
  • walking: 12/21/04
  • standing: 8/23/04
  • crawling: 8/21/04, only a week, then became a butt scoot
  • first wave: 7/27/04
  • rolling: 5/2/04, belly to back
  • sleeping thru the night: 3/1/04
  • first smile: 1/20/04
  • birth date/time: 12/4/03, 10:41pm
  • birth length: 20 inches
  • birth weight: 7lbs