Thursday, September 4, 2014

school is back in session

School is back in session!  It feels like summer lasted forever...or at least some of the days felt that way.  I know the kids were excited to go back.  On their first day they were all up before me.  And I had my alarm set for 5am.  They rushed to get themselves all ready to go and were set by 6.

Except that only one of them actually leaves the house before 7.  The other 2 got to sit with the babysitter from 6:15 till the bus came an hour later.  But at least they were ready.

Wish I could say the same for the last two mornings.  I've been having to chase them around.  Time to reprint the morning GET DONE list :)

And speaking of getting done...

Had a really good spell of not having to ask for help.  Now we are back to asking.  Resetting up chore charts and having a family chat this weekend.  I gave them a break this week to adjust to new schedules.

2nd grade for the littles, 6th for the oldest

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

mommy doesn't equal maid...or does it?

Sunday night, after a weekend of cleaning mixed with reading, I ran away from home.  My oldest decided to make cake, including homemade frosting. No big deal. Except she couldn't find the measuring cups. So she started rifling through the dishwasher, scattering clean dishes all over the place. Then decided to give up and ride her bike down the street to buy some. Leaving my house a mess.

But she wasn't alone. Her younger siblings had left stuff scattered all over the kitchen and hallway as well. While dad just sat watching tv.

So I ranted at them all then packed a bag and went to my mom's.  Where it was quiet and clean.

Her response is that I let everyone get away with to much. I do my best to constantly be after everyone to clean up.  I take items away and restrict privileges. But nothing seems to phase them long. And if the other adult doesn't really ever can I ever win? It's a 4 vs 1 battle. Actually 6 vs 1 if you count the cats. I've never seen cats so keen on knocking their food everywhere, especially the water dish. And they will only eat it if it's in the bowl...not around it.

My kids have fancy chore charts that see no action, other than gathering dust. I've offered money for help but can't find takers. I suppose I just have to keep butting my head against the wall and hound them till they finally get it.

Or quit and move, leaving no forwarding address...

Jacob's milestones

  • weight/length @ 7: 55.6lbs, 48.75"
  • weight/length @ 5: 42lbs, 43.5"
  • weight/length @ 4: 36 lbs, 39+"
  • weight/length@ 3: 32lbs, 36.5 inches
  • weight/length @ 2 years: 26lbs, 33.5 inches
  • weight/length @ 1 year: 18lbs, 29 inches
  • walking: 11/17/08
  • standing: 3/31/08
  • crawling: army, 2/5/08
  • first time rolling: 9/30/07, belly to back
  • first smile: 9/7/07
  • birth date/time: 7/8/07, 12:49am
  • birth length: 19.5 inches
  • birth weight: 6lbs, 1oz

Elizabeth's milestones

  • weight/length @7: 53lbs, 47.75"
  • weight/length @ 5: 40 lbs, 42.25"
  • weight/length @ 4: 34lbs, 38"
  • weight/length 3 years: 28lbs, 35.5 inches
  • weight/length 2 years: 24lbs, 6oz 33 inches
  • weight/length 1 year: 18lbs, 1oz 27.5 inches
  • walking: 9/1/08
  • standing: 4/4/08
  • crawling: army 3/16/08
  • sitting alone: 2/29/08
  • first time rolling: 11/23/07, back to belly
  • first smile: 9/7/07
  • birth date/time: 7/8/07, 12:50am
  • birth length: 18.75 inches
  • birth weight: 5lbs, 8oz

Alexa's milestones

  • weight/height @ 10 (really 10.8): 186, 5'3"
  • weight/height @ 8.4 years: 113 lbs, 55.5 inches
  • weight/height @ 5 years: 61lbs, 4oz 45.25 inches
  • weight/length @ 4 years: 49lbs, 42 inches
  • weight/length @ 3 years: 38lbs, 38 inches
  • weight/length @ 2 years: 32lbs, 8oz 35.75 inches
  • weight/length @ 1 year: 22lbs, 3 oz 29.5 inches
  • 1st day of preschool: 9/3/08
  • solo somersault: 3/4/08
  • whistling: 3/2/08
  • potty training: 10/7/05
  • walking: 12/21/04
  • standing: 8/23/04
  • crawling: 8/21/04, only a week, then became a butt scoot
  • first wave: 7/27/04
  • rolling: 5/2/04, belly to back
  • sleeping thru the night: 3/1/04
  • first smile: 1/20/04
  • birth date/time: 12/4/03, 10:41pm
  • birth length: 20 inches
  • birth weight: 7lbs